Secular Sunday #14


Question 12 on the 2011 censusThe first results of last year’s census have been released, and make interesting reading. Here are some of the highlights:

269,811 people selected the “No Religion” option for question 12, an increase of 44.8% over the 2006 census.

Additionally, 3,905 people selected “Other” and wrote in “Atheist” (a 320% increase), while 3,521 wrote “Agnostic” (a 132% increase).

72,914 people did not state their religion (a 4% increase).


The most detailed results currently available show that


Other News Atheist Ireland has made a written submission to the the Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee for the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM). This is a follow-up to our meeting with this group in February when they were in Dublin monitoring Ireland’s record in protecting human rights. Read it here. Upcoming Events Today (Sunday 1 April), 4:00 pm,

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  1. Brian
    Posted 2 April, 2012 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    An idea…

    I expect opposition will be met to the proposition to change the wording of the question, however it may be possible to work around it and please both sides.

    Why not have two questions.

    [a] Were you brought up with a religion [Y/N]. If so, which of the following…
    [b] Do you currently practice a religion [Y/N]. If so, which of the following…

    Not only would this surely please everyone, but it would also provide additional interesting statistics about changes in peoples beliefs in Ireland, over what is currently there or over what Atheist Ireland are proposing.


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