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egbrennan wrote:
If you tried to invent the Christian religion now (virgin-birth, angels, prohpesies, rising from the dead etc etc), you would be laughed at on YouTube as much as Scientology.
This is what's scary... There were many religions before Christianity (Eqyptian, Mayan etc) that had very similar basic beliefs. Son of their God, born of a virgin on December 25th, yadda yadda yadda, and Christianty is the latest take on it. It all stems form the movement of the planets (12 apostles / 12 signs of zodiac, etc), Sun = Son, equinoxes and soltices donating 'holy' times, so essentially religious dogma is astrology (I presume we atheists are

The religious cycles apparently co-incided with the 'ages' of man (roughly ever couple of millennia) which are again based on planetary orbits or alignments, so when the Age of Aquaruis hits (roughly over the next 100 years), it'll be time for the next religion. And I reckon Christianity only has about 100 years left, anyway, but that's just my opinion.I know it all sounds mental, but it doesnt stop the dogma from being appropriated by those in power each time, and using it the be the 'moral authourity' to we 'little' people!

Mind you, I've always thought that religious belief can only be a personal thing, and the very nature of organising two or more people communily to believe the same thing defeats the very purpose of religion.

If 'God' is for all, we don't need middle-men.
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