Dawkins spectrum of probabilities

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Post by fintanruth » Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:01 pm

Hi james9386

When I started the thread it was the scale that I had the problem with, where was I going to put myself on that scale as Dawkins said he was a 6 and he didn’t expect to meet many 7’s.

After some thought I decided there should be no scale at all because there is or there isn’t a god. And if he/she/it personally appears to me to prove his existence, I will debate with him the imperfections of his creation and will hold him/she/it personally responsible for all the pedophiles that he made in his own image and claimed to represent him/her/it as they were raping and killing defenseless children and that he/she/it all powerful God did nothing to stop the injustice.

If there was a God the one thing that I would expect is justice. But under evolutionary principles of the survival of the fittest justice plays no part.

The idea of a scale of probabilities is wrong in my view.

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Post by james9386 » Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:05 pm

Hi Fintan,

That's fair enough, either there is a god or there isn't. I think what the scale represents is the confidence you have in the statement "There is no god". The balance of probablities is all a rational person has when reaching conclusions. Since you disagree, I won't go on about it.

You kind of go off on a tangent, however, when contemplating a conversation with god. The old testament isn't exactly full of examples of justice, and the god portrayed in it is as capricious and petty as any character ever imagined. I don't understand why you would expect justice if there was a god.

I don't think you'd have to do much debating to point out the imperfections in our world! It's a good argument against the existence of a god. Paedophilia is morally despicable, but you cannot, even hypothetically, say that paedophiles were created in god's image without implying that we all are. If we were created "in god's image", that includes everyone, good and bad. An argument like this one is as much praise for the good in the world, as damnation of the bad.

To my mind, justice as a concept is inseperably intertwined with evolution.

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