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Post by CelticAtheist » Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:35 pm

Ygern wrote: You make any 'criticism' of atheism that you think deserves a rebuttal; and I'll eviscerate it for you.
And I'll add a little fire to that fuel......
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markg wrote:

Now since the resurrection of Christ is a very central issue in terms of the evidence of Christianity I will ask you a simple question:
A valid question can not flow from a delusional belief when that question is addressed to people who do not share your delusion.

That the Iron Age equivalent of some type of Masochistic Brer Rabbit might or might not have, for example, regurgitated himself after being eaten by a fox 2008 years ago is not relevant in light of the fact that there is no evidence that the Jesus Bunny ever existed in the first place.
Human communication is a very rickety rope bridge between minds. Its too narrow to allow but a few thoughts to cross at a time. Many are lost in the chasms of noise, suspicion, misinterpretation and shooting the message through dislike of the messenger.
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Re: Atheism article at American Wiki

Post by markg » Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:48 pm

Dear Adamd164,

Did you have an opportunity to read this material which I mentioned earlier which cites the case of Smith vs. Rapid Transit:

A Jurisprudential Analysis of Hume's 'In Principle' Argument Against Miracles by Paul K. Hoffman ... offman.pdf

I believe the essay makes the powerful point that in historical investigations it is best to let the evidence speak for itself. Also, if you have lots of credible eyewitness testimony and/or other powerful evidence that you won the lottery then probabilistic arguments should be set aside.

Lastly, if memory serves you wrote that Western Law assumes methododological naturalism. Can you cite case law to support this notion. Given the amount of statements from highly respected members of the law such as Simon Greenleaf and others located here I doubt you will be able to do so in any great depth: ... pologetics
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