i am a evangelical christian

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Regens Küchl
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Re: i am a evangelical christian

Post by Regens Küchl » Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:28 am

munsterdevil wrote:
Regens Küchl wrote:All Evangelicals live constantly in their greatest fear : That the Pope would call them one day and convert them to catholicism
Really, you have evidence that all evangelical christians dread answering the phone because it might be the pope on the other end trying to convert them :?
Sure! Just look at all these Snapshots of born again evangelical Christians as they were suddenly and out of nowhere called by the Pope who instantly converted them without mercy ! :twisted:
"Oh No ! Its the Pope ! Now he will convert me !"
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Re: i am a evangelical christian

Post by Adonai88 » Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:49 am

Regens Küchl wrote: You recently have taken on another approach in forums, dont identify yourself as born again evangelical christian Angelo anymore and so the internet search machines do no longer find you that easy for me :?
And I am pretty sure that this is your main reason that you do this. For not to be found by me :x Unfair :cry:
you don't imagine, how sorry i feel for you. It's really a mess.
Yes, i was kicked out at atheis forums. Don't even know, why. First they threatened me to kick me out. then they didn't, and finally, i was banned, without reason.... :(
I didnt feel well over there anyway. Too much namecalling. Its too childish.....

I think you wish wholeheartly to get a update of what is going on, isnt it ? Ok. i will make this favour to you. After all, i like you. You are my first true fan :lol:

here is a updated list , nicely organized by years :

http://elshamah.heavenforum.com/forums- ... st-t11.htm
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