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Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 10:50 am
by FXR
egbrennan wrote: What I meant was that at a local level, it was a big religious issue, but at European level it was more related to the fight between the League of Augsburg and the French who were the ally of James II. It's a really interesting story if you like history.
This does not just happen at the Boyne site. It's something I've noticed in lots of other areas. Last time I was in school the history books were just as sanitised. So even if you leave school and go exploring historic sites you still do not get the full picture. Not knowing history makes people historys "bastards" so to speak.

How much would people's perceptions of the CCL be altered if they knew the truth? Would we be paying for their child rape and torture if their carefully cultivated image was shattered by the facts that have routinely been omitted since events like the Battle of the Boyne?