Dept of Justice employing chaplains and the separation of...

Discuss church-state separation issues that are relevant in Ireland.
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Dept of Justice employing chaplains and the separation of...

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old case that came up in regard to the equality authority scandal
Fr Donal Morris was employed by the Prison Service as chaplain in Castlerea Prison, under the auspices of the local bishop. After an assault by a prisoner, he inquired about his terms and conditions, but was unsuccessful in obtaining them, despite eventually receiving an order from the District Court that they should be issued.

He then took a complaint to the Equality Tribunal alleging discrimination on the grounds of religious belief. This was unsuccessful.
i did note this raised in the humanist submission to government.

the guy couldn't get his terms and condition for employment probably cos they were so vague.

then when he got assaulted and look to be recompensed he wasn't, they probably thought sure he's priest he'll forgive and forget, or the church will look after him, doesn't seem they did, so he sues for religious discrimination... bizarre
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