Child rape : Collective responsibility

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Child rape : Collective responsibility

Post by deferm » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:55 pm

There are problem loads of threads on the Murphy & Ryan report, already. But this is some things I've been arguing out with family friends lately.

While the main blame for the child rape, lies at the door of the people who perpetrated the rapes, the main disgust in society at the minute is probably not due to the rapes themselves but is split as follows:
A lot of rage is due to the Catholic church criminal conspiracy to cover it up
A lot of rage is aimed at the Gardai & state for failure to break this criminal cover up and protect the children, and most vulnerable in society.

As a former Catholic however, I think myself and other current and past members of the Catholic church, also had a collective responsibility to tackle what was going on. I had an argument with my mother regarding this, and asking what her parents had done. She was saying her parents wouldn't have been aware of what was going on, and wouldn't have felt comfortable tacking the church.

However her parents were smart people, I was 7 or 8 in school, when I heard the allegations, so there is no way they hadn't heard them. They knew but didn't want to know. On into my early teens I still went to mass. In my late teens I stood as a god parent to my nephew (under sever duress). But if I had taken my responsibility I would have refused point blank to do this until the church was reformed and brought to justice.

How many of us out there go to weddings, funerals etc... The fact that we are in these congregations, and filling the churches (to support are friends/families etc... at this occasions), is giving heart to the church, and showing them what they have done is acceptable.

We all need to shoulder our collective responsibility, and say no to this organisation, until the criminals are brought to justice and the rule of law is enforced.

We can no longer say it is up to the state, or up to the church to police itself. If good people stand by (and in some ways participate), this cycle will no doubt repeat.
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