Snippet from Labour Party Leaders address...

Discuss church-state separation issues that are relevant in Ireland.
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Snippet from Labour Party Leaders address...

Post by ctr » Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:48 am

... at the Labour Party conference in Wexford.
And he warned against the creation of education Apartheid, where in today's Ireland a baptismal certificate could become a latter day pass book.

Mr Gilmore said segregation had no place in modern Ireland, and that if we wanted a cohesive republic, it must be tolerant and pluralist.
A loud applause and cheering followed these words!!
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Post by lostexpectation » Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:55 am

I watched it online to, partly to see how the quality was and how many people watched it, 250 viewers at most, shouldh ave been on tv

checked the motions re education ... 127662769/
Conference calls on the government to provide an education for all of the children of Ireland equally and to guarantee that no child is denied access to education because of his or her religious beliefs.

Conference recognises the ineptitude of the government in properly planning for sufficient school places and calls for a national education conference to determine a selection system that is just and inclusive.

still trying to find anything solid on this ... &&CatID=63 ... 933564902/

establish a National Convention on Education involving the education partners, politicians and social partners to address the following:

the management of primary schools in a changing Ireland;
enrolment policies in primary schools;
domestic and European equality legislation and how it applies to primary schools;
the planning and building of schools in new communities

Addendum :

Conference notes the unwillingness of the present government to act in a bipartisan manner and the reluctance of the Minister for Education and Science to heed the calls of the Labour Party in relation to primary education

Conference therefore mandates the Labour Party spokesperson on Education and Science to establish a National Primary Education Commission whose role it shall be to consider and discuss the future of primary education needs in this country, and addressed with a view to reporting in advance of the academic year 2008/09 on its recommendations.

Conference further calls on the spokesperson to take every measure to ensure that the Commission is independent, with an independent chairperson, and has representation from all stakeholders in Irish primary education, including parents, teachers, students and managers, as well as from all political parties represented in Dail Eireann.

Finally, Conference recommends that the Commission shall not be bound by Labour Party policy in its deliberations, nor should its recommendations be bound to become Labour Party policy

would like to have had them say themselves that they were against religious schools
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