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Re: hypnosis

Post by Ciaran » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:13 pm

I've been hypnotised a few times by a hypnotherapist. I'm still a bit suss about stage hypnotism. It's been suggested that the subject/victim is more 'given permission' to act like a fruit-cake than is really under the hypnotist's control. Perhaps there's an element of some kind of altered state.

Hypnotherapy seems to be much different and I could've stood up and shook it off at any time. I've done shamanic type sweatlodges and 3-4bps shamanic drumming and the sensations and vivid dreamlike 'visions' are very similar to hypnotherapy as I experienced it. I definitely experienced what the faithful practitioners would call visions, spirit-walks or whatever but as with hypnotherapy I was aware and conscious of my body and the world around me. While the brain entrainment you get with drumming may not be the same as with hypnosis or shamanic practise the results are similar an are as easily shaken off.
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Re: hypnosis

Post by MyloD » Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:56 pm

Interesting stuff, and I suppose that my own experience with hypnotherapy was a singular failure (I was told that I was subconsciously resisting the therapy, but to my mind I simply did not become hypnotised!).

I've never tried the shamanic rituals so can't really comment on those, but, I am willing to try anything before forming any absolute opinion ;-)

I've tried Reiki for example and though I found the 'ritual' quite relaxing (soothing tones, warmth, etc), I can't say I received any therapeutic benefit that couldn't have been passed on by someone with a calm voice and a warm room...
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