Mars Launch Window 2011

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Mars Launch Window 2011

Post by bipedalhumanoid » Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:25 am

Once every 2.2 years there is a launch window allowing for a minimum energy transport to Mars. Since 1996, each of these windows have been utilised, with the exception of 2009.

2011-2012 are looking like a big years for Mars exploration thanks to this window. Projects I am aware of include the following:

NASA's MSL Curiosity - A very large and advanced rover. Unlike its predecessors, it will be run off a radionuclide thermal generator rather than solar power.

Russias Phobos-Grunt - A sample return mission to Phobos. This one puzzles me a tad given that Phobos is a captured asteroid, but I'm sure the scientists know better than me!

Chinese Yinguo-1 - If this goes ahead it will piggy back on the Phobos-Grunt mission. It's mission is to study Mars's Magnetosphere and Ionosphere. I didn't think Mars had a Magnetosphere! I guess it just has a very weak one.

Canadian Northern Light - If not delayed to 2013 due to funding concerns, will include seismic depth imaging, a rock corer and microscope, and ground penetrating radar.

Finnish MetNet - Meteorology mission that will either be piggybacked to Phobos-Grunt or launched privately. This will be a simple, stationary meteorology station. All going well, dozens more of these will be sent over the coming decade.

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Re: Mars Launch Window 2011

Post by aZerogodist » Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:59 am

From wiki:
Phobos might contain a substantial reservoir of ice.
Phobos has also been proposed as an early target for a manned mission to Mars because a landing on Phobos would be considerably less difficult and expensive than a landing on the surface of Mars itself....a lander intended for Phobos could be based on equipment designed for lunar and asteroid landings.
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