A scientific dissent from Darwinism

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Re: A scientific dissent from Darwinism

Post by Wened » Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:06 pm

chemicals wrote:
Wened wrote:Basically it is a list of ppl with PHD supporting ID. Im sure i heard about this one in some documentary about Dover trial.
this guy does a great job on debunking that dodgy list
http://www.youtube.com/user/DonExodus2# ... y1Bo6GmPqM
For Christs sake. I totally forgot about him! and im subscribed since ever. I watched this video years ago. Thanks.

EDIT: MOTHERFUCKERS!!! i just checked some of the names mentioned in this video. There is an scientist from Boulder Colorado named Carl A. Koval. They still have him listed just as Carl Koval (no A.) but also Boulder Colorado. I will try to contact him.
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Re: A scientific dissent from Darwinism

Post by chemicals » Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:02 pm

TBH it sounds like he would know feck all about evolution- beyond Undergraduate 1st year level !!
Most of Prof. Koval's research throughout his scientific career has been related to renewable or sustainable energy. His areas of research have included catalysts for the reduction of oxygen to water, fundamental issues related to electron transfer processes at the semiconductor-solution interface, photoelectrochemical process for the treatment of both gaseous and liquid waste streams, selective and energy-efficient membrane separation processes, electrochemical pumping of fluids against pressure, and electrochemically modulated complexation (EMC), an energy-efficient process that allows specific components of a mixture to be separated and concentrated. Recently, his research group showed that an EMC process could be used to selectively remove carbon dioxide from gas mixtures, an essential aspect of carbon capture and storage strategies.
sound like agrees with global warming though the DI would not like that now so they would not :lol:
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