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Atheist Blogs that you Read

Post by Dev »

I currently have PZ Myers blog and every now and again Michael Nugent's blog. I don't like PZ Myers blog that much but Michael posts some okay material now and again.

I need more but many blogs just simply aren't updated regularly or have anything interesting to say. Can AI members recommend their reading for me to digest?
Regens Küchl
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Re: Atheist Blogs that you Read

Post by Regens Küchl »

Yes I plan to make a list of good atheist forums worldwide, but for the moment have a look at the atheistrevolution blog
It has also a little list of nice atheist forums :wink: ... orums.html

I know you asked for blogs, but if you like take also a look at my Angelolist which lissts many atheists forums worldwide :twisted:
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