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Post by bipedalhumanoid » Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:04 pm

fishywiki wrote:In Laurence Krauss' book, A Universe From Nothing, he postulates that the Big Bang is merely a stage in a cycle of bang-expansion-contraction-next bang-next expansion etc. I can't say that I understood it fully, but it's intertwined with theories of Dark Matter, multiple universes, and more. It is, despite the complexities of its content, a great read.
That sounds suspiciously like the big crunch theory. The idea is that after a period of expansion brought about by the big bang, the matter in the universe would fall back in on itself due to gravity. This would eventually result in a big crunch re-forming the singularity which may lead to another big bang through a cycle that continues indefinitely.

It's a nice theory, however observations over the past 15 years or so have confirmed that the universe is actually expanding at an accelerating rate. Scientists can't explain why this is happening and to describe it they've adopted the moniker, "Dark Energy". Dark energy will prevent the big crunch from occuring leaving our universe to expand indefinitely until it eventually fizzles out into darkness.

I only made it half way through A Universe from Nothing before the academic year started leaving me with no time to finish it. But my understanding of the core of his argument was that a universe can spontaneously develop out of "nothing".
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