The Nod - When Little Memes Grow Up

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The Nod - When Little Memes Grow Up

Post by rozeboosje » Wed Aug 08, 2007 4:32 pm

Hello everybody,

As you may know, there is a fairly vibrant Atheist community on YouTube. I participate in that community and have been making videos on topics related to Atheism for a few months now.

I also have a silly side, and I occasionally make a comedy video.

Recently I was engaged in a conversation with another member on YouTube, in which he made a statement with which I agreed. In order to indicate my feelings, I posted:


Please hear me out, this will lead to a point! He responded by stating he was "nodding back to be polite".

I joked that we would end up like two of those plastic nodding doggies you sometimes see in the rear windows of a car. He responded with yet another nod. I stated that we should record videos of us nodding and compile them into a 10-minute "nodding extravaganza". Upon which he "nodded" again. That's when I facetiously posted this:

And this is where an amazing thing happened. As you can clearly tell from the video, it was done with tongue firmly placed in cheek. And I expected his (GnosticAtheist's) response alright. But I didn't expect the 212 (so far....) responses I got since.

With 20/20 hindsight I guess it could have been expected. A nod is easy to record. And it is a friendly gesture. People see it as a gesture of acknowledgment, or of recognition, and unthreatening. You'd nod at an acquaintance in the street, or even just at a friendly face. Or out of solidarity, of approval, or just a nod in agreement. You can nod knowingly, or simply, er, "nod off"....

We even had a couple of Christians participating, giving their nods of acknowledgment to us.

Anyway, it has grown to something much bigger than I originally intended, and I think it's grown into something pretty good. Like the title says, it's like a little meme growing up. So please don't take umbrage with the facetiousness of the original video. I simply didn't know I was about to open the flood gates at that time :oops:

So if you want to participate, please do! It would be nice to see people from here showing up.


eppur si muove
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