Nearly 50% Of Brits Say Religion 'Harmful'

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Nearly 50% Of Brits Say Religion 'Harmful'

Post by artyfarty » Sun Sep 02, 2007 6:08 pm

Full story here

Nearly half of Britons believe religion causes harm, a new poll has revealed.

Only 17% of people questioned in the YouGov poll thought religion was beneficial - but 28% said they still believe in God.

The survey was commissioned by broadcaster and writer John Humphrys.

"One reason might be the publicity attracted by a handfull of mad mullahs and their hate-filled rhetoric," he said in his new book In God We Doubt.

Of the 2,200 people polled, 16% said they were atheists, 26% believed in "something" and 9% regarded themselves as agnostic.

"Even though the dominant faith - by a massive margin - is Christianity, only 17% thought the influence of religion is beneficial," the book added.

"That is even fewer than those who claim they believe in a personal God.

"And yet when we asked which of the main religions was "most effective" at getting its message across, most thought it was Christianity."
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