Article publications - how to.

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Article publications - how to.

Post by nozzferrahhtoo » Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:38 pm

Has anyone got any experience with getting articles published in any print media?

The reason I ask is that I recently got interested in the subject of Pedophilia on the internet and I engaged in a lot of research on how such people meet, trade pornographic material and try to source children.

The answers I got were nothing short of shocking. The ease and... worse... the blatant nature.... of the methods were an eye opener. I worked out, thankfully without breaking any laws or downloading anything myself, that sitting at any PC one was never at before, one could be viewing hardcore video footage AND discussing it openly with fellow perverts literally within half an hour.

Given how easily one can get the phone numbers and IP addresses of the people sharing this material - for example on limewire IP addresses of the people you are downloading from are readily visible and using simple online IP tracing I could see most of them were in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany - it would appear the Police in all countries are literally powerless too. The perverts have literally no fear. Short of putting ones credit card details and home address into a Police Honey Pot it seems most people are free from any threat of legal action.

I have compiled what I learned into an article and would be interested in getting it published for free somewhere where it might actually be read and parents will get one more view point on the importance of protecting their children on line and if even one person is moved to question politicians on why we are powerless to investigate people who download or upload that material while displaying their home IP address for all to see... it would be enough for me.
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Re: Article publications - how to.

Post by bipedalhumanoid » Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:11 pm

Can't help with article publishing, but how do you know the IP addresses on display are home IP addresses? It isn't difficult to mask your home IP address through a proxy server. Of course any "legitemate" proxy service won't help you hide your identity from the police ( for instance), but there are plenty of dodgy providers who will.

My understanding of the high profile paedophile-ring busts in recent history, is that an international effort is generally required to catch the organisers. Once the authorities get their hands on the organisers they're able to track down their customers from the credit card records.
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