Pope conquest of uneducated Africa

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Pope conquest of uneducated Africa

Post by aZerogodist » Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:57 pm

http://www.independent.ie/breaking-news ... 40291.html

Pope's ''roadplan'' to expand the CCL in Africa, maybe we should warn the Africa countries not to go into bed with the Vatican.

Note the Independent has a rule on comments to this articule, nothing 'blasphemous' err defamatory or racist as you'll get blacklisted :roll: , bit of an oversight no pun intended. they don't actually say racist, but is inferred and accepted in one comment

Must admit some good comments have been approved.
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Re: Pope conquest of uneducated Africa

Post by paolovf » Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:17 pm

If anything I thought parts of this article came across somewhat racist:
The Mass reflected the potential for harmony in Africa
Beninois priest Rev Benoit Odoung, who heads a Catholic college in Cotonou, said that the pope has recognised Africa's potential.
Of course there's a potential for harmony. We're talking about human beings here that show a propensity to harmony all over the world. It reads as if they were unsure whether or not African people are capable of living in peace.
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Re: Pope conquest of uneducated Africa

Post by DaithiDublin » Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:28 am

Malachi Martin wrote a very intersting book about the 82nd conclave that elected the ill fated Pope John Paul I. Of course, what happens in conclave stays in conclave, so his account is 'fictional'. It does, however, give an insight into the machinations of the College of Cardinals as they meet to elect a papal successor. The factions that take hold and the intrigue involved in their private discussion as these men decide who is next to lead the church.

He based his book on the main movers and skakers of the time, and there is good reason to believe, if not the actual dialogue, then the type of internal debates that go on at such meetings.

Conclave 82 was the last to elect an Italian. It was also the first one in 455 years that a non-Italian was even considered. It was greatly influenced by the changing political landscape. Which is why it was that when JP I popped his clogs after just 33 days, JP II was elected in order to combat the irreligious Communist threat. Europe and America were the powerhouses but they were split, and the race was on to garner support from developing areas of Catholic influence. There's not much evidence of the College being guided by the Holy Spirit!

Here's a curious quote from one group of Cardinals looking to get the Africans on their side:
You must realise that my intention in inviting the Africans here us double-barrelled. We need their votes. And we need the votes they can win for us. I have no doubt, for instance, that Azande can garner quite a few of the Italians, perhaps one or two of the Americans. I think the Africans can influence many of the Brittish Commonwealth Cardinals as well as Ni Kan, Nei Hao, and Lao Che-Ning. With the blacks on our side, we can start a ground swell. We need them. Believe me. We need them.
The names are fictional, and the dialogue representative, but informed.
When the conclave had to meet again to elect JP II, his election signalled the end of Italian rule. And he set about making sure that his agenda would carry on after him. So we saw a massive boost in the number of African saints and cardinals.

Benedict is just carrying on the same tradition. He is not merely moving his attention to places like Africa and the East because the numbers of faithful are falling in the West. He is laying the groundwork for controlling the direction which the next conclave will take. The one that replaces him. Ensuring that his vision for the church survives him.

Not much room for divine inspiration, or the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit. These are the political actions of earthbound men. The Church's long game can never really be taken at face value.
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