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Atheists are full of despair!

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:08 pm
by eoinyk1
Here is another classic thought for the day from holy moly rag mag 'Alive'. Apparently rational thought is all about leaving Sunday free to wash the car! Read this and weep:-)

Love of despair draws atheists

Dear Nettles,

I left you with a key question in my last letter; what do atheists gain by turning away from Him above, what attracts them?

What benefit does it bring them when they opt to believe that life has no real purpose or meaning, and choose to live without ultimate hope?

Let me say, I am not talking just of hard core atheists here. I’m thinking also of those who have a vague belief but don’t let it influence their lives in any significant way.

Rejecting a relationship with God, living without worship and without any consideration for God’s commandments, these vague believers are, in practice, atheists.

So what do they all find attractive about no-hope atheism? Part of the problem here is that very few atheists themselves explore this question, so they provide us with few answers.

Most of them today simply take unbelief for granted. It is all around them, nobody challenges it, it is assumed that religion is irrational and out of date, it’s easier to go with the flow.

It amazes me that so few raise this issue for themselves. They drug themselves on football, music or texting. They are more interested in a character in a TV soap than they are in their own ultimate future.

Atheism, of course, is quite convenient. It leaves Sunday for a long lie-in, or for washing the car, taking the dog for a walk or making a leisurely trip to the shopping centre.

And not having a God telling you what to do makes life a lot easier and much less demanding.

It can also make you feel pleasantly superior to believers, especially if you fancy yourself as an intellectual. You are guided by reason rather than by faith, you point out.

But why an atheist would even want to be guided by reason rather than his emotions or his instincts beats me. Why not simply follow his desires or his ambitions? What’s so wonderful about reason?

In any case, though they’re slow to admit it, more and more atheists are discovering that when you get rid of Catholic faith, reason itself soon begins to disintegrate.

It subtly changes to become just a front for the wishes of the strongest individual or lobby group in society.

Today, for example, reason says that two men should be allowed to marry each other or that a man can have a few bits amputated and we have to call him a woman. Good old reason!

But there’s another pattern that makes it very difficult to figure out what the attraction of atheistic despair it. This is the tendency of those who do seriously investigate their despair to eventually convert.

When they start to actually use their reason they discover that it is far more reasonable to believe in God, than not to.

And in very many cases this leads them ultimately to the Catholic faith. Reason brings them to the Church.

But I still don’t think I have found an answer to my original question: what is the attraction of atheism?

Yours in frustration,

Re: Atheists are full of despair!

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:00 pm
by dscanlon
I'm certainly despairing AFTER reading this.

Beforehand, not so much :)