Jazus wept....Theology Queen of the Sciences

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Jazus wept....Theology Queen of the Sciences

Post by GT » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:49 pm

Mr. Conway does come up with some chestnuts...
Sir, – Patsy McGarry states, “The Catholic Church’s current position on abortion appears to owe more to theology than to science.” This is quite an extraordinary statement for a religious affairs correspondent to make. Theology is not only one of the sciences, but has long been regarded as “the queen of the sciences”.
For example, the scientific revolution of the 16th century was the culmination of many centuries of systematic progress by medieval scholastic theologians. The Catholic Church has always thought that there cannot be a breach between faith and reason. Pope John Paul II wrote an encyclical on same “Fides et Ratio”; and Pope Benedict XVI delivered a profound discourse on same in the course of his famous Regensburg University lecture.
As for Mr McGarry’s attempt to allocate a particular date to the church’s teaching on abortion, the fact is that the church frequently formally codifies its teaching on these matters, and arrives at a settled position. With regard to abortion, in accordance with the science, the church accepts that at conception a unique being is created with a unique set of DNA, which is retained unto death. In logic therefore, it cannot countenance the deliberate destruction of this being. – Yours, etc,
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