GPO crib on shaky ground (in more ways than one!)

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bipedalhumanoid wrote:I think we should change our tactics this year. Rather than campaign to have the nativity scene removed from the GPO lets insist on a proper Irish nativity scene...
I got a reply from Minister Ryan telling me he's passed it on to the individual concerned in the GPO. I emailed him back last week to let him know I still had not had a reply. Tonight I passed the GPO and they were installing the crib.

The thing is when it is up it's worth having a look at. The VM looks like Michael Jackson, one of the wise men looks like Mel Brooks and the other looks like Ossama Bin Laden. People for some weird reason throw coins at the baby. Last year I managed to put two pennies over it's eyes and they were there for a day before anyone noticed. Of couse they don't seem to notice the baba that's supposed to be born on the 25th is in place from he end of November either.
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I don't know when I last laughed harder or longer. :lol:

You are all officially Very Bad Men. :wink:
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