"The Exorcism Of Emily Rose"

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Séasán Ó Riabhaigh
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"The Exorcism Of Emily Rose"

Post by Séasán Ó Riabhaigh » Sun May 05, 2013 7:29 pm

(I know this is not exactly about Atheism,but there are characters with Atheist views)

I think this film,which is based on "true events",should have made believers question their god more than any of the other "God v Satan" themed films,some of which were also based on "true events".

Especially a particular scene-when after a failed exorcism,Emily's soul enters a garden where she meets an angel,or saint,or something-the angel/saint simply says "heaven is not blind to your suffering.Unfortunately,the demons will not be leaving you.You may stay here if you wish,but if you return instead,you will prove to everybody that the spiritual world does exist".This film,as well as similarly themed films,is depicting that god is powerless over demonic forces-or maybe he is just further putting the faith of the individual to the test;according to the film,Emily was a devout catholic.Either way,"the almighty god" did nothing to help.

Not for a second do I believe that any of this actually took place.I do not believe in anything supernatural,but I find these films entertaining I must admit.The only thing it made me feel was even happier that I gave up on all that nonsense years ago. :D
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