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The Laughing Bible
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Funny Audio Bible

Post by The Laughing Bible » Wed May 11, 2011 5:50 pm

Hello everybody,

I've started up a free audio project at Criticism or pats on the back more than welcome!

Also, if anyone has a similar project (this includes you, AIF) and wants to do a link exchange with me to help build up our online presence, just write me at

Keep up the great work spreading the "good word" about atheism, everyone!

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Re: Funny Audio Bible

Post by smellyoldgit » Fri May 13, 2011 9:50 am

Funny? - My Arse.
The Farting Bible might actually raise a few giggles

Verses in the buybull you'd like to see quoted more often.

From leviticus, subpara Bob, verse 2

1:12 And Jesus said unto his disciples; Allow not the trouser guff, nor a bum clap, nor toot, arse cough or cheek honk. Thou shalt not float an air biscuit, step on a duck nor let a beefy one loose.

For these are worrisome to thy Lord, due to the sinus.

1:13 Dropping one, cutting the cheese or calling for god on the arse trombone is right out too. Should thy neighbour let loose, thee should admonish him unto the Lord. Say unto him that have farted thus; I hope you don’t shit until I’m a doctor. Doctors may not say this but shall instead offer up a prescription.

1:14 The disciples, therein where edified by the wise proscription of the Lord, except the doctor who was consumed unto confusion.

1:15 And low did the disciple Thomas question the lord, and verily did the other disciples sigh out loud, and Judas did facepalm himself.

Lord, said Thomas thus; For I am sore from the tandoori of last night and I doubt I can keepeth in, the buttfrog I have brewing. And low did the other disciples take two steps back from Thomas.

1:16 And the Jesus sayeth unto Thomas, Then you shall suffer unto the lord and your laundry.
And Thomas did indeed let one loose all at once and unto Jesus he did ask
So, is sharting ok then?
And ye verily, did Judas double facepalm himself.

1.17 ... and thus spaketh the washer of the holey loincloth – verily thy vindaloo follow through hath left a blemish most profound that it will draw great crowds into my cathedrals for centuries. My Lord doth possess a sphincter likened unto the Japanese flag that no chilled andrex can ever relieve.

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The Laughing Bible
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Re: Funny Audio Bible

Post by The Laughing Bible » Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:41 pm

Thanks SOG, glad to know you care! That might be the next project, indeed. A bible complete with sound effects.

until then, I launched a much more straightforward version of the bible at Enjoy!
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