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Re: UCC Express Student Paper Article

Post by Mr. Mercurial » Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:29 pm

I agree that we should wait until we’re actually approved ourselves before deciding whether we should offer some sort of support and what form that support ought to take.

If we were then to offer some kind of support, however, I would argue that it should be based not upon the morality of abortion laws (as Jennie pointed out, there may well be pro-life secularists among our members), but rather on the principle that the prohibition of a pro-choice society has the effect of stifling debate on the issue.

One of our constitutional aims is to promote “Interest in - and understanding of - rationality, reason, and critical thinking, as manifested in secular philosophy.”

Given that the alternative for would-be members of the pro-choice society is to “invade” the pro-life soc, and given the advantages to everybody when contentious issued are allowed to be openly examined from all perspectives, I think it can reasonably be argued that everyone, even members of the pro-life soc, would benefit by the recognition of a society for people who have an alternative point of view.

So, if we manage to get approved I think there is definitely room to discuss whether we should show some kind of formal support for the pro-choice soc as a matter of principle, regardless of what may be divergent opinions of individual members of SASS on the issue of abortion itself.
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Re: UCC Express Student Paper Article

Post by Jennie » Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:23 am

I agree with you Brian with regards to the reasons for supporting them. It is a disgrace that they're not being approved when the pro-life soc in firmly ensconced. I would just be afraid of putting off would-be members by taking an official stance. They might not see it that we would be doing it for the principle of it. That's only my opinion though..... it's a discussion that deserves it's own meeting I think :)

In other news we had a meeting with the Societies Guild earlier this evening :shock: We think it went pretty well. There didn't seem to be anybody who objected to it. They just asked us general questions about our aims, possible events, potential funding and whatnot. Fingers crossed everyone.....
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