Educating pre-schooler about religion

Issues relating to promoting a secular state education and raising children in a non-religious home
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Educating pre-schooler about religion

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My child (who will be 4 in February) will start school in Sept 2016, not sure where yet, could be in a Catholic school :roll:

As a pre-emptive strike, I'm thinking it would be a good idea to educate her over the coming year just a little about the VERY BASICS of what religion is, why it exists, and the variety of religions out there, so she can put the Catholic stuff she hears in school into some sort of context.

Is this a good idea?

Anyone done this before?

Can anyone recommend any resources (books, posters, etc.)? Perhaps something like the following, though these may be more suited to an older child.

BOOK ... 1405362855

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